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Magnetic agitators MG

Magnetic agitators MG series

Ideals for high safety processes

Magnetic mixers MG(N)(S) are ideal for processes that need a high level of safety, such as alimentary and pharmaceutical industries. Their coupling system transmits torque through magnetic fields, eliminating the use of sealing elements to isolate the impeller from the exterior completely. This has benefits like less wear and reduced maintenance tasks and downtime, translating into significant savings in the long run.

Available in two sizes, depending on tank capacity, and mixing volume, the MG(S) and (N) magnetic agitators are compatible with clean-in-place cleaning systems and offer long-lasting reliable operation.

Technical features:

MG(S) Power: 0.55 kW.
MG(N) Power: 0.75 kW.

MG(S) Speed: 400 rpm. MG(N) Speed: 200 rpm.

MG(S) Impeller diameter: 150 mm.
MG(N) Impeller diameter: 300 mm.

MG(S) Tanks: 0.1 to 2.5 m³.
MG(N) Tanks: 3 m³ to 15 m³.

Industries that use Autmix’s magnetic mixers

Magnetic impeller flow lines

Magnetic agitators MG series main features

Magnetic transmission that avoids physical contact.

Ideal for high-safety processes.

Compact and efficient design without sealing.

Complete and simplified cleaning during CIP phases

Compatible impellers:

Magnetic impeller

Mounting options:

Flange mounting option for magnetic agitator.
Sanitary polishing in autmix flow impellers

Finishes and coatings for your processes

Sanitary polishing

Manufacturing materials:

AISI 316



Optional features:

ATEX protection

Stainless steel housing

Food grade oil

Food grade epoxy paint

More information about magnetic mixers MG(N) and MG(S)

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