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AKO® pinch valves

AKO® is the European leader in the manufacture of sleeve valves and, as part of this industrial process, in the preservation of the cold chain in various sectors. With more than 30 years of experience in Germany, with subsidiaries in France and Spain, its vision is the same towards a perspective of innovation and commitment.

At AKO® there are several variants of sleeve valves, both pneumatic and mechanical hose sleeve series. Below, we will introduce you to each of the features within this category in the brand.

Pneumatic sleeve valves

Pneumatic pinch valves are pressurized with compressed air or some kind of fluid. For mechanical pinch valves, there are different ways of activation. For example, by means of pneumatic cylinders or electric actuators.

They also work by means of rebound elasticity. One of the main advantages of the pneumatic sleeve valves is the ability to give free passage to the products and avoid friction, so that the container is free of leaks or obstructions. This type of valves have the characteristic of needing a minimum of compressed air, which results in the reduction of energy consumption.

Finally, another advantage of using pneumatic sleeve valves is that they have the latest technological advances according to international standards, to be used in areas with risk of explosion.

Mechanical sleeve valves

The mechanical valves are controlled by a mechanism with an actuator that presses on the sleeve with two rods. Such a device is designed by one or two rods that allow horizontal clamping. The actuated component is responsible for clamping the rod. As in the case of pneumatic sleeve valves, this allows the entire valve to close tightly.

Another main advantage of using mechanical sleeve valves is that the operating and maintenance costs are reduced compared to pneumatic valves. It is worth mentioning that the sleeve is in constant contact with the product stream, which means that it has only one element of contact with the medium.

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