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Industrial productivity

We are experts in Lean Manufacturing: we have efficient KPI (Key Performance Indicator) quality gauges and their implementation to quantify the overall efficiency in production and manufacturing.

In addition, we use the world's best-known indicator - OEE - as a reference at all levels and implement the appropriate indicators for your process. Therefore, we advise you from the necessary level devices for recording to the required visualization system and reports.

The most important applications of KPI are

  1. Production KPI
  2. Maintenance KPI
  3. Executive KPIs

Do you want to know more about the systems to evaluate the industrial productivity of your company? Come to our specialists who will provide you with the solutions that your industry requires. In Autmix Industrial IT your satisfaction is our motivation.

Production KPI

Through production KPIs it is possible to measure aspects to monitor, analyze and optimize production processes as a result of product manufacturing.

In addition to the above, they function as a path for continuous improvement; this is because they represent fundamental elements for growth in the industry: the data is transformed into raw material to carry out an analysis of the processes.

Among the main ones are:

  1. Total output
  2. Count of good units
  3. Count of bad units
  4. Equipment availability
  5. Number of unplanned stops
  1. Number of planned stops
  2. Slow production cycles
  3. Rework
  4. Efficiency

Maintenance KPI

In Autmix Industrial IT we provide tools to evaluate the productivity of your processes, by means of the general efficiency of equipment, of the means of repair and considering the average time between failures. To do this, we use the following parameters:

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE):

Through this indicator, we can monitor and improve the performance of your production processes and estimate production losses. With this, we consider three fundamental aspects to evaluate: availability, performance and quality.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR):

This indicator is used to perform a real-world analysis, and to know the actual errors in products during a given period of time. In general terms, it is a reliability indicator.

Mean Time Between Failures (or MTBF):

An indicator that shows relative accuracy of a power supply based on a statistical calculation. With it, all parts have a mean time between failure ratings.

Come to our specialists who will provide you with solutions for measuring productivity in your processes. In such a way, we will provide you with an integral consultancy from the production level to the installation of specialized software. In Autmix Industrial IT we look for innovative solutions for your industry.

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