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CRI-MAN + Autmix

Innovation and quality in submersible mixers

Mixing technology for effluent processing


CRI-MAN is an Italian brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing industrial equipment and components.
Innovation processes, technical assistance, and a “Know-How” vision have led them to offer high-quality submersible agitators’ design, manufacture, and distribution that are used in the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, and civil and industrial effluents.

Línea de productos de CRI-MAN con innovación, calidad y asistencia.

Industrial equipment designed for every process

CRI-MAN understands the operating methods in the wastewater treatment sectors and offers equipment designed to meet customer needs with a focus on cost minimization.

Applications of CRI-MAN products

Sludge Processing


Manure processing

Civil and industrial effluents

CRI-MAN Product Line

CRI-MAN's product line is industrially renowned due to the high quality of manufacturing used in its mixers and agitators, with different components for each application.

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