We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
Compact agitators CT


Ideal for fluid mixing and transportation

Mounting IBC CT(I) compact agitators are helpful due to their portability and easy set-up; they give constant movement to keep material’s qualities intact. They perform in homogenization, dissolution, or suspension processes.

This kind of agitator for IBC has folding blades with easy access to deposit interior and unfold thanks to the centripetal force and the support of the fluid itself. In addition, its special mounting method for GRG/IBC containers offers high stability for safe and secure operations.

Technical features:

Power: 0,75 - 5.5 KW.

Speed: From 100 - 300 rpm.

Shaft length: 250 - 1 500 mm.

Impeller diameter: 150 - 400 mm.

Tank: 1 m³ a 4 m³.

Industries that use IBC CT(I) compact mixers

Flow lines with axial turbine

Main features of agitator IBC CT(I) series:

Fastening system for IBC/GRG tanks.

Folding blades that open by themselves when operating.

Provides consistent mixes.

Efficient transportation of material.

Compatible impellers:

Axial turbine

Mounting options:

Special support for IBC/GRG
IBC CT(I) mounting for compact agitators.
Amplia gama de recubrimientos disponibles para agitadores industriales.

Finishes and coatings for your processes:





Butyl rubber

Natural rubber




Manufacturing materials:

AISI 304

AISI 316

Carbon steel

Super duplex



Optional features:

ATEX protection

Stainless steel housing

Food grade oil

Food grade epoxy paint

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