We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is becoming more and more specialized due to the accelerated technological progress of recent years: with it we obtain greater accuracy in designs, through simulations and measurements required for the industry.

Initially we identify the needs and, by means of mechanical principles, we carry out the conceptual design, the analysis and the generation of simulations, until the delivery of the final products or installations.

At Autmix Process we provide solutions to the following areas of the industry:

Mechanical process calculations

When performing mechanical calculations, it is important to keep in mind that they are central tools in process engineering. They elaborate and create conditions and predictions for all kinds of tasks with mechanical implications; they function as a reliable, fast and accurate way to know the status of ongoing processes or future changes.

Initially, when implementing an industrial process it is necessary to consider the safety of the equipment, the product and the operators. For this reason, various studies and calculations must be carried out during its design, in order to ensure that the machinery will be able to perform its functions correctly.

In Autmix Process we support you in the creation of a 2D and 3D model of your process through CAD software. In this way, we can have a clearer interpretation of the dimensions and manufacturing materials of the machinery, which will facilitate various analysis tasks.

For example, we will obtain more information about elements such as tanks, or the pipes that connect to the equipment. Either to correct the design, in case it is inefficient, or to know the mechanical limits of these components.

An indispensable tool to accurately define whether the machinery will be able to withstand the mechanical stresses it will be subjected to is the finite element analysis. By means of this, the 3D model will be divided into small fragments and simulate different types of load.

In this way, we identify the areas of the equipment that exert the greatest mechanical stress and whether it will be able to withstand it. This simulation also provides us with information.

The detailed information with which we can make certain calculations to improve the efficiency of the process.

Come to our experts, in Autmix Process we will help you to find the best ways to perform mechanical calculations in your processes.

Industrial Instrumentation Integration

In Autmix Process we offer you experience to select, condition and set up the instruments in the field by means of any type of industrial communication network, highlighting among them:

  1. Vision systems
  2. Flowmeters
  3. Variable frequency drives
  4. Soft starters
  5. Servomotors
  6. Encoders
  7. Valves with all types of photoelectric sensors

In addition, we have the support of leading companies in innovation, which develop, manufacture and distribute, -at international level- sensors, actuators, hardware and software for the development of automation, control and data visualization:

  1. Rockwell
  2. Siemens
  3. Schneider Electric
  4. Proface
  5. GE
  6. Mitsubishi
  7. ACCOS

Our staff is highly trained to develop electrical and mechanical projects with the use of different types of advanced software. At Autmix Process your satisfaction is our motivation.

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