We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company


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Main activity in industrial sector

The mining industry is part of a primary activity in which different materials and metallic minerals -gold, iron, silver, copper, among others- and non-metallic minerals -sulfur, salt, coal, etc.- are extracted for different purposes. This sector is a key to economic development in the country where it is developed.

It should be clarified that mining is the mainstay of the industrial and technological sector today because a large part of the machinery and its components are obtained through procedures derived from this activity. Thus, it is a sector with an ancient tradition where different procedures are involved depending on the type of mineral to be obtained.

For this reason, in Autmix Industrial Group we provide you with the tools to carry out procedures in the various branches of the sector, through the transformation of resources such as steel and metallurgy, as well as the stages of refining and separation.

Mineral extraction methods

In general, after extraction, a series of steps follow, such as:

  • Washing
  • Shredding
  • Grinding
  • Homogenization
  • Ranking
  • Concentration

Mineral transformation processes

Now, we highlight the transformation process carried out by the following procedures.


During this process, the metal to be extracted can be transferred into solution using a leaching agent; other metals remain in insoluble solutions.


This method consists of modifying the composition of an emulsion, generally composed of water and other minerals, in order to achieve the consecutive separation of various particles through the attachment of air bubbles for their ascent.

In Autmix Industrial Group we have vertical agitators ideal for the demanding processes that this industry requires, as is the case of the Sabre type propeller, which keeps solids in suspension and has a high pumping capacity.

In addition to the above, in the case of the mining industry, we add to the mobiles a coating that prevents corrosion and abrasion caused by the intensity of use and also improve the efficiency of the systems through electrical control.

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