We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Innovation that flows

Autmix Group

We help industries and corporations with the optimization of assets and production processes.

We are Autmix Group

A company made up of three divisions adapted to the industry’s requirements and specialized in different engineering disciplines.

Comprehensive bespoke services

Our offer brings together multiple components for success:

Autmix implements advenced solutions for the industry.

Advanced solutions

We integrate advanced solutions for each process and industrial need, to ensure the efficiency of your projects.

Autmix is a benchmark in the industry.

We are a benchmark

Thanks to a unique combination of deep expertise, quality and service, we are the benchmark in projects developed for the industry.

Autmix te acompaña en todo el proceso de selección.

Accompaniment on every step

We accompany you since the group’s major objective is the total customer satisfaction in every step of the project.

Commitment with our clients is a quality of Autmix.

Commitment to our clients

On Autmix we believe that the commitment to service, quality and expertise, is an essential factor for a project to be successful.

International presence

We have offices in Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Learn about our contact channels. Learn how you can keep in touch with Autmix.

Autmix has offices all around the world.

Know about our principles

The combination of the following elements creates in Autmix an added value of quality, services and expertise, which are the hallmark of the group:

Autmix works to supply the best scientific and technological innovation.

Innovation and research

We work to give the best scientific and technological innovation processes through research.

Autmix is committed to build strong business relationships.


We are committed to fulfilling our mission to build solid business and corporate relationships.

We create an envairoment of confidence.


We collaborate to create an environment that inspires confidence in our clients and employees.

Technology and services subject to strict quality controls.


We supply technology and services subject to strict quality controls done by a specialized team.

About Autmix

Eight stages identify us and lead all the projects and services that we provide:

Autmix cuenta con especialistas industriales para cada necesidad.

Specialists for every need

Specialists back the Autmix Group’s expertise for every need.

Autmix international solutions with international presence.

International presence

We have an extensive international distribution network, with offices in strategic locations worldwide.

 The Autmix team is ready to answer your questions.

Support 24/7

Need help? Our specialized team is prepared to resolve any problem or concern about the project.

 Autmix products and solutions meet the highest quality.

Maximum quality

We work hand in hand with a wide range of brands and components that ensure the best performance.

Autmix is ​​present in more than 10 sectors.

Presence in +10 industries

We are present in many industrial sectors that already have high-quality equipment and strategic solutions for their processes.

Autmix accompanies you throughout the process from selection to maintenance.

Comprehensive solutions

Support in all the processes of selecting, installing, starting and maintaining equipment and systems.

Autmix customized solutions for the industry.


We adapt to your project’s conditions, orientation, design, and budget; we look for the perfect solution.

Get the Autmix quality guarantee.

Quality guarantee

With us, you have the flexibility, which guarantees the results you seek with the quality you need.

Join Autmix Industrial Group.

Join our team

Autmix is in constantly growing and talent is the key to our success as a company. Find the place you are looking for with us.

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