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Who are we?

Autmix Industrial Group is the merger and evolution of the brands CFG Mixers (agitation and mixing technology), Pragma Engineering (process engineering) and AZ13, specialized in IT (automation and industrial IT).

With extensive experience in various engineering disciplines, we position ourselves as a benchmark in the development of technological projects for industry. We have a special focus on adding value through the integration of advanced solutions and we optimize to the maximum the resources of customers, suppliers and partners: from instrumentation to the integration with information networks through the digitization of processes.

Thus, we unified our divisions and standardized our work methods with the vision of being leaders in industrial engineering solutions from our offices in Mexico, Spain, United States and France through Autmix Industrial Group.

Our principles

In Autmix Industrial Group we start from the following philosophy:

Innovation and research
Our task is to carry out the best processes of scientific and technological innovation in all sectors of industry through research.
With the work team, customers and suppliers. The mission is to establish solid working, commercial and corporate relationships.
We organize our collaborative efforts and accountability to bring out the elements that create value in the group.
We seek, through research, solutions aimed at mitigating environmental impact.

The union of these elements generates in Autmix Industrial Group added value to the quality, service and experience, which represent our hallmark.

Get to know the transformation

Ideal products for industrial mixing processes.

We research, monitor, analyze and solve all the aspects involved in process engineering.

We integrate processes and create traceability routes through the use of information technologies.

CFG Mixers

At CFG Mixers we started operations with the support and experience, since our beginnings, of great experts in the field. We started working and developing in depth the engineering oriented to give efficient solutions in agitation and mixing procedures. We perform specialized CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations for each one of our agitators and we provide a solution: from the first stages of the project to the installation, start-up and maintenance.

Over the years, the CFG Mixers brand has become synonymous with quality, efficiency and profitability. Resulting in a fast return on investment (ROI) for our customers with each of our equipment.

Therefore, and to execute more comprehensive solutions, CFG Mixers evolves to Autmix Flow in order to optimize products and services for production processes.

Pragma Engineering and AZ13 Automation

A team of engineers of different nationalities, we undertook with the aim of providing solutions for the development and evolution of production systems in various industries. Through the integration of processes and as a result of the high quality standards of the environments where we develop, we evolved to Process and Industrial IT.

Under the name of Pragma Engineering, we carry out industrial automation procedures based on a cyclic and tripartite process model in which, through analysis, monitoring and automation, we generate intelligent systems for industrial use.

AZ13 Automation was born from Pragma Engineering, that's how we design, develop and implement applications for every need of our customers. We also provide industrial productivity services for the optimization of manufacturing and procedures.

We venture into the disciplines of consulting and auditing, always with the idea that the results are linked to the training, formation and constant development of the talents within the companies. For this reason, we carry out complete analyses of the installed systems with the objective of developing methods for the constant evolution and optimization of human capital, material resources and time.

Now, with the transformation of Pragma Engineering and AZ13 Automation, our main focus is to accompany your processes from start to finish. From design to commissioning and implementation through turnkey projects with the aim of providing you with innovative tools, services and equipment through the most advanced technology.

Get closer to our culture of labor innovation

In Autmix Industrial Group we firmly believe in the importance of forming an integral, multidisciplinary and professional team. Thus, we are convinced that innovation and creativity are part of the development of highly qualified people within our group.

The relevant aspects of our work innovation culture are:

  1. Trust: At Autmix Industrial Group, believing in our collaborators is the main source of our results.
  2. Competitiveness: To develop to the maximum the abilities of the individuals to generate a full and optimal work performance.
  3. Integration and recognition: Form a solid work team and recognize the efforts, personal and collective, based on the results for the motivation and professional growth of the members.

The culture of innovation in the workplace represents a huge challenge for the Group and, at the same time, an opportunity for the appropriate development and well-being of our workforce.

Reduce your operating costs

we help industries with the development and optimization of their production processes.

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