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Vertical mixers (RT)

The RT category of vertical industrial mixers is custom-designed for use in any application and is one of the most valued options in the sector. This is due to the adaptability to be placed in different types of containers - medium and large - as well as the enormous versatility offered by the equipment of this series.

They have the following characteristics:

They are highly energy efficient equipment

Wide variety of impellers to use

On the other hand, industrial mixers, being equipment used in more specialized processes, and in many cases more demanding, are manufactured with greater customization in order to provide the best results in their respective agitation task.

Likewise, we have two variants:

Mega RT(G)

The RT(G) vertical mixers are ideal for agitation processes with demanding volumes of matter - from solids to liquids - processed in industries such as: mining, sugar crystallization or wastewater treatment.

Inter RT(N)

RT(N) mixers are functional and versatile because, due to their characteristics, they can be used in processes for a wide range of viscosities.

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