We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Vertical industrial agitators

Vertical mixers for great capacity agitation works

Rise your processes with our vertical industrial agitators, superior robust and resistant equipment specially designed for the most demanding mixing and agitating tasks. Present in a broad spectrum of processes, including dilution, dissolution, suspended solids, homogenization, fermentation, and more.

Each RT mixer category model undergoes a comprehensive quality assessment that certifies the equipment's reliability and safety, guaranteeing international industry standards.

The modular design of our mixers promotes simple and accessible maintenance, significantly increasing the useful life of the equipment and providing a quick investment return. Allows for easy replacements and upgrades, thereby reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Get to know our RT vertical agitators and select the one that best suits your needs:

Industrial vertical agitator for mining, water treatment process and more.

Mega RT(G) Series

For mixing tasks under demanding conditions, such as mining, chemical, water treatment or sugar production.

Speed: From 20 - 125 rpm.

Impeller diameter: 2 000 mm - 10 000 mm.

Tanks: Bigger than 20 m³.

RT vertical mixers excel in demanding tasks in quantity and requirements. Whether they work in complex conditions such as leaching or are used in multiple operations with a wide liquid variety, this equipment ensures high-quality mixtures.

Discover more about industrial vertical agitators' operation:

High efficiency equipment.

Exceptional efficiency in a wide range of mixing processes thanks to the top-quality component incorporation.

Modular equipment with configurable settings.

Configurable modular segments, which allows it to be adapted to a broader spectrum of operating scenarios, improving its utility in various industrial environments.

Shafts miticuloosly designed.

Meticulous design with a shaft extending to the tank's bottom. Armed with one or more mobiles, they take on the heavy lifting according to the process.

Conoce más sobre los agitadores de la categoría RT para mezclas de grandes volúmenes de producto.

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By choosing our vertical mixers you are investing in a customized solution calibrated for your process needs.

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