We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
Bottom and horizontal ZB

Belt drive mixer ZB(P) series

With type “V” transmission system

Belt-drive ZB(P) agitators are lateral assembly agitators that give constant mix in large capacity storage tanks. They wit-temperature performance and offer affordable and easy maintenance.

They are flexible equipment with guaranteed performance and low energy consumption in various sectors, mainly in oil, gas, and paper in processes such as crude oil mixing, refining, separation, drilling fluid preparation, gas purification and cultivation of microorganisms in bioreactors.
Pulley and belt-drive offers the ability to dissipate energy in the event of sudden disturbances in impeller rotation.

Technical features

Power: Motors from 7.5 - 75 kW.

Speed: From 100 - 300 rpm.

Shaft length: Up to 1 800 mm.

Impeller diameter: 150 - 500 mm.

Tank: For tanks from 3 m³ a 1 000 m³.

Industries that use a belt drive mixer ZB(P)

Flow lines with Gamma impeller

Belt drive mixer ZB(P) main features:

High-efficiency seals

Pulleys and belts transmission system

Easy maintenance mixer

High temperature resistance

Compatible impellers


Mounting options:

Mounting option flage type for horizontal agitator.
Amplia gama de recubrimientos disponibles para agitadores industriales.

Finishes and coatings available for your process:





Butyl rubber

Natural rubber



Fiber glass

Manufacturing materials:

AISI 304

AISI 316

Carbon steel

Super duplex




Uranus B6

Optional features:

ATEX protection

Stainless steel housing

Food grade oil

Food grade epoxy paint

Sealing options:

Cartridge seals

Cable gland

Double mechanical seals

Simple mechanical seals


Hydraulic labyrinth

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