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We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company


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Industrial sector in which the chemical composition of matter is modified

The chemical industry works based on the handling of synthetic and natural products. That is, it uses procedures and chemical reactions for the modification of the raw material; the product of the above is used for a variety of industries that can range from those that occupy polymers or plastics to those compounds used in the manufacture of various products.

Categories in the chemical industry

It is worth mentioning that it is a fundamental primary sector activity in the global economy. The processes of this industry are derived from reactions that modify matter, through which new compounds are formed.

Within the main categories in the industry, we can find:

  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Basic Chemicals
  • Fine Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

In this subcategory, products composed of various substances are manufactured. In order to obtain them, a series of researches are carried out with the objective of performing specific functions. For example: cleaning, disinfection, among others.

Basic Chemicals

Regarding the basic chemicals industry, products are manufactured in large volumes to meet the particular needs of other industries and even diverse economic activities. Some of these could be pesticides, fungicides and glues, among others.

Fine chemistry

Within the fine chemicals industry, we consider the production of specific compounds in low volumes of production and sale in various industries. In addition to being products that are produced on a smaller scale, they are considered to have a high value due to the type of procedures or substances for their elaboration. They are generally used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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