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Agitation and mixing systems

Vast experience in industrial mixers

We supply high performance, reliable, efficient, and durable industrial agitators.

We manufacture according to the requirements, supported by advanced calculation and simulation tools that ensure design optimization and operation before the production phase.

Research and Development:

Highly specialized unit focused on continuous improvement and efficiency.

Experience and global presence:

Numerous practical cases and successfully completed projects around the world.

In-house design and fabrication:

Original and innovative equipment that meets high-quality standards.

Advanced mixing solutions

Vertical agitators

Powerful and durable industrial agitators designed for mixing components in large tanks.

Mega RT(G)

Rotor-stator agitators

Multipurpose rotary agitator or micronizer, auxiliary in homogenization and emulsion processes; with a wide setting range and high shear level.

Magnetic agitators

Easy-to-maintain magnetic transmission agitators, ideal for treating materials with a high degree of innocuousness. Suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning systems.

Set up your mixer

Choose the type of mounting, tank capacity, materials, coatings and more. Easily customize, configure and quote your industrial mixer.

Impellers for industrial agitators

Our team of experts selects the right impeller for your process; explore the catalog of available impellers and preview features, performance and applications.

Axial profiles

Equipment and components for your processes

Complement your operations with dosing, preparation and lifting systems for Autmix Flow agitators

Polielectrolyte preparers

Polymer preparation systems used for the agglomeration of suspended particles. Available in manual or automatic operation.


Lifting and transportation systems

Industrial lifting and transportation modify the height and displacement of the agitators. Available in manual or automatic operation.

Find out more about our R&D department

The research and development department seeks constant innovation and reinvention in agitation technology to provide the máximum potential in each operation.

Why choose Autmix Flow Solutions?

Autmix Flow industrial agitators aim to meet the requirements, covering the following dimensions:

Precise diagnosis of needs.

Highly qualified team of experienced engineers and technicians.

Research and development that drives innovation in each project

Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Specialized technical support 24/7.

Industrial agitation solutions for all processes

From emulsión to crystallization, the agitation systems that we supply to different projects and industries are efficient in the mixing of components:

Liquid + Liquid

Mixtures involving two or more liquids, as in the case of emulsion and solution.

Liquid + Solid

Mixtures combine a solid element and another liquid, with results in coagulations, suspensions, and others.

Liquid + Gas

Mixtures between liquid and gaseous components present in dispersión and dissolution processes.

Quality policy and certifications

At Autmix, we are commited to quality and customer satisfaction. Consult and download our policies and certifications.

Quality policy

Contact us to learn more about our industrial agitation services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

After-sales services

R+D Services

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