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Polyelectrolyte dosing systems

One of the main actions of polyelectrolyte dosing systems in general is to separate particles and compounds in order to purify liquids or to produce certain effects in solutions. As such, their use extends to various fields of the industrial sector: from wastewater treatment to procedures in the paper, pharmaceutical or chemical industry, among others.

Another aspect to highlight in this equipment is the control in the addition of solid and/or liquid polymers to achieve preparations with higher wetting and/or maturation. In addition to the above, the preparers can be manufactured to operate in manual or automatic mode depending on the requirements of your process.

In addition, another of the main particularities is the optimization of the polyelectrolyte dosage to produce considerable savings in raw material and time.

Learn about the types of systems we have at Autmix Flow:

Manual polymer preparation unit

Ideal for operating batches during production stages simultaneously.

Reduce your operating costs

we help industries with the development and optimization of their production processes.

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