We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company


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Research and wellness for health care

The pharmaceutical industry is a complex sector because it involves: research, manufacturing and elaboration of medicines and health care products. Therefore, the main objective of the area is to generate products, develop technologies and infrastructure and encourage research in the field of biomedical sciences.

In addition, its growth is increasing along with demographics as it is an industry that is closely linked to both human and animal health.

Process integration in the pharmaceutical industry

At Autmix Industrial Group, our focus is to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive infrastructure that is aimed at making all the procedures of the pharmaceutical industry more efficient. The above in order to collect and analyze production data; monitor, in a complete way the manufacture of products; increase safety in the plant; reduce time, costs and avoid any type of risk that could compromise the manufacturing line.

We also know that industrial agitation plays an important role in the production of pharmaceutical products. The reason: it allows to obtain homogeneous mixtures suitable for increasing the quality of the products.

In our brands - In our brands —Flow, Process y Data - you can find a comprehensive solution. Contact one of our specialists to guide your search to the area that best suits your needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

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