We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company


The preparation of the polymers using the agglomeration of the particles in suspension is a central feature of the Autofloc® equipment. This is because we facilitate the dosing and it is possible to adapt it to the presentation of the polymer supplied, in this case, it can be powder, dissolution, and even the combination of both.

In relation to the general characteristics, the operating capacity is between 500 to 15 000 L/h. It has two to four compartments with a polymer diffuser for its humidification and an autonomous PLC instrumentation system in order to start or stop the agitators according to the flow level; a mixing system with agitators that allows the creation of the polymer chain and, finally, it has an automatic and continuous power supply.

In addition, among the benefits of the Autofloc® system we can mention: the saving of the polyelectrolyte and its maximum hydration as a result of the process; the homogenization of the mixture; the equipment with an electric control panel for direct passage or dosing of the process.

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Operating capacity from 200 m3 to 15 000 m3.

Tanks of 2 to 4 containers.

System available for the use of powdered, emulsion or mixed polymer.

Automatic and continuous equipment feeding system.

Variable speed of mixers.

Control panel to control the operation (HMI optional).

Level detector with a warning signal.


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