We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Systems and software development for industry

At Autmix Process, we provide solutions in Industry 4.0 implementation processes, through the development of specialized software and systems. For this reason, we integrate your processes with digital technologies to visualize the different phases and improve the quality of your procedures.

Likewise, we have the applications developed by our group of experts: AIG Track and AIG Management. With them, your process digitization strategy will be comprehensive, accurate, and effective.

Do you want to know more about the development of industrial software and systems? Come to our specialists who will provide you with the solutions that your plant requires. At Autmix Process your satisfaction is our motivation.

Design of systems and applications

To provide tools that optimize performance and productivity with maximum innovation, we design systems and applications to digitize your production processes.

We know that, given the continuous demand for this series of tasks today, and as digital innovation advances, reduced response times are required. For this reason, industrial computing processes will be part, not of the options, but of the needs of the market.

Updating, developing, and designing digital solutions with high levels of security entails knowing the different industries, but above all our clients create user experiences (UX for its acronym in English – User Experience) according to the requirements and processes that exceed expectations.

Based on our experience we offer:

Development of web applications, desktop, power apps.

Source code to interact with commercial software.

Functional and accessible design for different devices and operating systems.

Monitoring to optimize, correct and redesign your applications or software.

Contact us to find out about the tailor-made solutions in system and application design that we have for you. At Autmix Process your satisfaction is our motivation.

Industrial and commercial software

Through solutions, we provide support for your needs with technological innovation, which is selected based on your objectives. Similarly, at Autmix Process we have two self-developed software for the automation and control of your industry:

Through AIG Track, a traceability system is generated for the different stages of batch processing. Thus, through this software, two types of interfaces are used: startup and reporting. As a result of the analysis of the data received, relevant information on each process is recorded, classified, analyzed, and released. The highlight of these reports is the preliminary presentation through graphs and tables, an issue that makes it attractive.

We developed a web application with user management to monitor daily activities, through a computer system with a database. In addition to the above, integrate activity performance KPIs.

VR and AR for the industry

In addition to generating software, we carry out our IoT developments according to the demands and needs of our clients. We have cutting-edge options that allow us to provide a complete experience in your processes, such as the use of VR – Virtual Reality – and AR – Augmented Reality. In the case of VR, completely digital environments are created, that is, all the elements are generated through programming and 3D modeling. On the other hand, AR is adapted, through the use of cameras and sensors, to the real world. This allows the use of all kinds of devices for visualization and appreciation.

In the specific case of industries, both tools provide information on objects, equipment, or implementations in factories; with them, we thoroughly understand the processes and events and, at the same time, obtain a realistic user experience.

Some of the advantages of VR and AR in the industrial sector are:

Provide an enriching experience to the working staff to recognize areas of opportunity in real-time.

Offer remote support from anywhere.

Digitally manipulate information and navigate through it easily and interactively.

Facilitate the diagnosis and maintenance of equipment.

Reduce risks in training.

Allow equipment to be operated more easily.

Provide quick access to information on the displayed computers or devices.

Likewise, at Autmix Process we identify the needs of the market and the expansion to provide IoT solutions in the industries to provide quality and competitiveness to your company. Contact us to provide you with the solutions that your processes require.

Reduce your operating costs