We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Anchor type agitators NC

Anchor mixers for high-viscosity fluids

The anchor agitators NC gives unseen control and versatility in processing fluids. Designed following advanced analysis, calculus, and simulations techniques, that ensure uniformed and homogenized mix in processes that involve different viscosity levels. Besides the product volume, Autmix Flow’s anchor agitators maintain constant motion and provide reliable performance in every operation.

Available in various configurations, each agitator model is customized to every process need and tank geometry. The innovative designs of these devices are ready to meet various industrial requirements. Find options like straight bottom, “W” figure, tubular structure, and more.

Our experimented engineer department works closely with design and fabrication equipment, and even with the starting over. This is to ensure that you have an industrial anchor agitator perfectly adapted to your needs, maximizing productivity, and efficiency in your operations. Get to know our NC category models and choose the right one for you.

Industrial agitators anchor type standard of Autmix Flow.

Standard NC(S) Series

The anchor agitator definition by excellence is the ideal equipment for temperature exchange tasks in products that require gentle movement.

Speed: From 5 - 60 rpm.

Shaft length: 1 000 - 9 000 mm.

Tank: From 0.5 m³ a 90 m³.

Experience the combination of design and performance, with our NC anchor agitators, an investment that promises outcoming results focused on your processes need. Find the anchor mixers that you are looking, in Autmix Flow we are supporting you.

Discover more about anchor type mixers’ performance

Highly efficient solutions for fluid mix with different levels of viscosity, even pseudoplastics.

Unique designs that adjust to the tank’s shape, maximizing the contact among agitator and product, and ensuring uniformity.

Function in low and high velocities, guarantying the specific requirements of the process.

Conoce la categoría NC de Autmix, con agitadores tipo ancla para diversas aplicaciones.

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By choosing our anchor type agitators you are investing in a customized solution calibrated for your process needs.

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