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We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
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Alfa Laval Sanitary Valves

Ensure the transport of fluids with intelligent, reliable and efficient sanitary valves for your process.

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Types of Sanitary Valves

Alfa Laval sanitary valves are designed with the specific objective of transporting fluids with the greatest care, meeting high quality requirements in highly innocuous processes for a wide range of industries. With the correct configuration of the sanitary valves, you will not only increase the efficiency of your processes, but also guarantee a quick return on investment.

Know the types of sanitary valves.

Ball valves that are versatile, that enable full fluid flow with none restriction.
Ball valves

Ball valves allow the transfer of viscous fluids or fluids with particles with minimized pressure loss. The design of the sanitary valves optimizes the cleaning work and the product recovery processes.

High performance butterfly valves for hygienic and sanitary processes.
Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves allow the passage of fluids with different levels of viscosity, fluids with particles and process fluids. Modularity allows adaptability in the process lines. Easy installation and quick maintenance.

Alfa Laval control valves that prevent contamination from backflow and provide pressure relief.
Control valves

Control valves prevent sudden pressure increases by eliminating vacuum conditions in the system, ensuring product flow through process lines.

Diaphgram valves of Alfa Laval that regulate the fluid in hygienic process.
Diaphragm valves

Alfa Laval Diaphragm Valves are highly configurable and modular in-line aseptic valves. They offer maximum drainage and cleaning capacity for the most demanding processes in pharmaceutical and biotech applications.

Double seal valves that works with compressed air from a remote location
Double seal valves

Mixproof double seal valves are ideal for handling fluids in piping systems. They become a profitable alternative for hygienic processes where valve blocks are used.

Double seat valves that enable two flows or products without cross contamination.
Double seat valves

Double seat valves are sanitary valves of modular design that offer high durability and safe, long-lasting, spill-free operation.

Regulation valves of Alfa Laval that provide control of flow rate or pressure in hygienic processes.
Regulating valves

Regulating valves guarantee safety and precision in processing lines. High quality and efficiency in dosing, mixing and filling tasks.

Safety valves of Alfa Laval used to prevent accidents and equipment damage.
Safety valves

As the name implies, sanitary safety valves provide protection to personnel and process systems in hygienic applications by maintaining proper pressure in tanks, systems and piping.

Sampling valves of Alfa Laval for evaluation in hygienic environments.
Sampling valves

Safe and sterile sampling for the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. With Alfa Laval sanitary sampling valves, obtain precise product extractions with maximum cleaning capacity.

Shutter valves of Alfa Laval in Autmix.
Shutter valves

Alfa Laval shutter valves are suitable for extremely high viscosity products. They facilitate routing in hygienic processes with a maintenance-friendly design.

Single seat valves of Alfa Laval that handle dosing and small flow rates
Single seat valves

Alfa Laval's category of sanitary single seat valves is used in hygienic processes, thanks to its smooth body interior design, tight closing cap and the additional double lip protection against contamination.

diversidad de valvulas sanitarias

Alfa Laval Sanitary Valves

As a world leader in fluid handling, heat transfer and separation equipment, Alfa Laval offers high-quality, hygienic products for gentle, efficient and safe processing in the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Chemical and Biotechnological industries.

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