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We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company


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Dairy products industry

The dairy products industry - or dairy products - refers to all kinds of products derived from the milk of different kinds of mammalian animals - cows, goats, sheep, among others - and its production goes back to a long tradition.

For this reason, they are affordable products in the market: they have a wide reach due to their relatively low price for the general population; they have high production volumes and high demand.

Types of dairy products

Among these, we can find beneficial properties for the organism, as well as an extensive variety of products, diverse consistencies and flavors. Some of the most representative products of this industry are:


This is the most processed and consumed type of dairy in the category. This includes general milk processes such as pasteurization or specialized processes for each product such as delactosation and fat separation. This requires specialized equipment for agitation, pasteurization, silos and other equipment made of food grade materials such as stainless steel.


In the case of cheese we find a wide variety, which may contain ferments or live bacteria in order to give properties in texture and flavor.

Fermented products

Within this category we include all kinds of dairy products with live bacteria or microorganisms. Here we generally find yogurt, some types of cheese and probiotic drinks.

Derivative products

These are all those products that are not in the previous categories. However, they are made from milk, such is the case of butter, cream, etc.

For this, the manufacturing conditions of each of these products have special features to achieve high standards of quality and taste.

It is worth mentioning that in Autmix Industrial Group we have a wide experience in this sector, which involves from the acquisition of raw materials, going through several procedures such as ultrapasteurization (UHT), for example, to the selection and installation of clean in place (CIP) and sterilization in place (SIP) machinery.

In our brands —Flow, Process and Data—, you can find a comprehensive solution to your processes. Contact us to guide your search to the area that best fits your needs in the dairy industry.

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