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Non-alcoholic drinks

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Non-alcoholic drinks industry

The soft drink industry has become popular since the last century, firstly, because its use extends to almost all regions, socioeconomic levels and preferences in the world.

There are several brands, presentations, variety of flavors and the list becomes endless. From bottled water, to juices and soft drinks, to energy and hydration drinks. Thus, they have been considered one of the industries with the greatest expansion and global reach.

Non-alcoholic drinks classification

Among the most important categories we find:

  • Waters
  • Juices
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Energy drinks
  • Isotonic drinks


Bottled water, despite the simplicity of its components, requires specialized equipment for processing at all stages. For this purpose it is necessary to maintain high levels of safety and sanitation, as well as the use of stainless steel devices or equipment, or other food grade elements, to carry out the following stages:

  • Catchment: Except in the case of plants that have a spring or well where the water gushes by its own pressure, pumps are required to drive it out and extract it.
  • Conduction: By means of the use of pipes, -generally made of steel- the fluid is conducted from one space to another. This must be closed to prevent the product from being contaminated.
  • Treatment: Depending on the type of water extracted, natural or mineral, oxygenation, decantation or filtration processes can be carried out to separate unstable elements.
  • Packaging: Everything that involves the packaging and the necessary conditions of the product for its distribution.

With the exception of water catchment - and the use of various processes for the manufacture of other types of beverages - each of the above stages is carried out in the production of beverages. To return to the subject, being an essential resource for human beings and for the preservation of life in general, water has become one of the most profitable products on the global market.

Soft drinks

This type of beverages, also known as carbonated beverages -because they contain carbonic acid- are the maximum representatives of the bottling of liquids for human consumption; they are mainly characterized by having in their composition added sugars, or substitutes, and artificial or natural flavors.


These are drinks that have a percentage of fruits or vegetables in their composition; sometimes sugars are added or some minerals or vitamins are added.

Energy drinks

The main purpose of energy drinks is to provide consumers with energy to carry out their daily activities. Different substances such as caffeine, guanine or other types of compounds are added to them as central nervous system stimulants. In recent years they have experienced an upturn in sales and consumption.

Hydrating drinks

Also known as isotonic drinks, hydration drinks are those that allow the absorption of water in the body, so they are added with electrolytes and minerals for that purpose.

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