We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects represent the main axis of action in the Autmix Process division because they cover all stages of production. The concept encompasses all the actions involved in planning, design, infrastructure construction, mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing, industrial engineering, delivery and start-up of your project. In addition to staff training and support in the production and measurement of indicators.

In this way, in Autmix Process we have appropriate the realization of turnkey projects with the objective of offering you our expertise so that your production plant has the highest standards of quality, productivity and efficiency in the industry.

Benefits of turnkey projects

At Autmix Process we assume the responsibility of creating and carrying out your project - from start to finish - with the highest levels of quality, adhering to the strictest international and national standards and regulations. Therefore, we explain the benefits in procedures of this nature.

Relationship time, cost and quality

By standardizing and following a defined route, the relationship of the concepts -time, cost and quality- are inherent. At Autmix Process we have the experience in planning, managing and checking that all the elements in the plant meet the maximum requirements according to your processes.

Risk prevention during planning and construction

We avoid any risks in terms of budget, personnel or supplies, as you have the backing of our division. In other words, we assume full responsibility during the training and construction stages.

Project management and team management

Your project will be supported by a Project Manager, who will be in charge of managing resources and human capital.

Detailed engineering documentation

Throughout the entire process, we will back up information on drawings, modeling, circuits and any engineering related products.

Obtaining permits and licenses

We know the documentation and procedures to carry out your work without interruptions. To get the job done in a timely manner.

After-sales follow-up and guarantees

We will accompany your processes with the aim of measuring their performance and productivity.

Are you looking for specific solutions in industrial engineering? Discover our offer, contact us and our team will guide you to choose the best solution for your turnkey processes.

At Autmix Process we are here to help you.

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