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We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company


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As time goes by, the paper industry, regardless of the digitalization stage, is growing due to the demand for packaging. In addition to the above, it is a sector that extends to areas such as: hygiene products, office supplies and school supplies, among others.

Fabrication process

It is worth mentioning that it is one of the most extensive industries in the world and its raw material is obtained from wood, which is subjected to a series of procedures in order to obtain cellulose for the manufacture of paper and other products, among which are:

  • Wood handling and treatment
  • Preparation of the pulp
  • Whitening

Wood handling and treatment

During this stage the wood is received in its raw form to go through the cleaning and transformation processes. The bark is removed from the trunk and it is reduced to chips in order to produce different types of pulp where procedures or chemical compounds are added in order to obtain the desired weight and quality.

Preparation of the pulp

In this process, the pulp can be obtained by mechanical (semi-chemical or thermo-mechanical) or chemical (alkalinity) means. The type of procedures may vary according to the quality of the product to be obtained. From this point it is decided whether the final product can be reused or recycled depending on the type of process by which the pulp is made.


The bleaching treatment is the one that establishes the refinement of the raw pulp to eliminate the lignin, resin adhered to the cellulose. During this process, the use of the bleaching agent, the pH level, as well as properties such as temperature and the duration to which the pulp is subjected are considered. Once processed, the pulp is sieved and impurities are removed according to the requirements of the type of product. It should be noted that this phase is decisive to know the level of white intensity in the paper.

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