We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Horizontal and bottom mixers

Bottom, side, or continuous installation agitators

ZB horizontal agitators for tanks are side-mounted mixing and agitation systems that allow product flow from the bottom of the tank. Depending on the installation's conditions, adding a second mixer to boost performance is possible, improving consistency and magnifying results.

Our horizontal mixers' maximum efficiency and operation are a guarantee from design and manufacturing because they adhere to each project and go through a series of tests and simulations based on scientific standards to obtain our specialists' support.

The ZB series models are agitators that prevent effects such as the sedimentation of solid particles, as well as being an ideal option for processing large volumes in spaces that do not allow the installation of vertical equipment.

Autmix horizontal and bottom mixers from ZB category.

ZB(R) Gear Unit Series

Agitators with high efficiency and low energy consumption in processes with low-viscosity fluids in large volumes.

Speed: From 100 - 300 rpm.

Shaft length: Up to 1 800 mm.

Tank: 3 m³ to 1 000 m³.

The horizontal agitators for tanks are ideal for mixing liquids of medium to high viscosities in demanding industrial applications. Depending on the selected model, they guarantee a reliable process, high performance, and low operating costs.

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Horizontal and lateral agitaors of Autmix Flow.

Sealing systems with mechanical or cartridge seals provide safety during operation, maintaining the integrity of the product and the equipment.

Agitators with lateral or bottom installation, and continuously if necessary, offering performance tailored to the unique demands of your process.

Full tank dissasembly system for horizontal agitators.

Equipment with the option of integrating full tank disassembly systems. Attachments specifically designed for seal and gear motors maintenance, facilitating operational longevity and minimizing downtime in this activity.

Agitadores horizontales con instalación lateral o al fondo de Autmix Flow.

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Mixing solutions in Autmix Flow.

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