We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company


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Agribusiness necessary for job creation

Since the origins of agriculture, sugar and its derivatives have been valuable products for all kinds of elaborations. Not in vain, the sugar industry is one of the most important activities, particularly in Latin America.

This product, considered a good of generalized consumption in Mexico and other regions of the world, is used for a great amount of elaborations that go from the extraction of sugar to obtain the carbohydrate for human consumption and even in the transformation of the residues of the sugar cane or beet for the elaboration of biofuels.

The products obtained from this industry constitute an important source of employment in countries where this agroindustry is developed.

Procedures in the sugar industry

Thus, the processes for obtaining sugar are diverse. One of them is crystallization, which is carried out in industrial tanks known as “tachos”. In these the molasses is deposited and crystals are generated based on an evaporation process which ends with a centrifugation phase.

For this, we have the Sabre propeller, which is suitable for products of moderate viscosity, in addition, it has a high pumping capacity.

In Autmix Industrial Group we offer industrial agitators to carry out this procedure and more.

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