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Electrical engineering

The field of electrical engineering extends as a constant in the industrial sector and its processes; a series of stages are involved for the generation, transformation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the different installations and as a way of protection in electronic equipment.

In Autmix Industrial Group we have developed solutions focused on electrical engineering. Thus, in the Autmix Process division we have specialists in electrical design,measurement and control, used in the different stages of production. In this way, we work together with other services and, as a result, we put into practice various branches of engineering to integral processes.

Identify the electrical engineering solutions we have for you:

Industrial control design

For the design of electrical industrial control, we focus on engineering where we integrate instrumentation and low power within the process. In this way, we have specialists to define the electrical diagrams and control according to international standards and IEC or ASII quality of each type of industry. In this sense, we translate the P&ID of processes to electrical diagrams for field installation and proper function.

This type of design focuses on the planning of the different electrical components required in the industrial sector. Therefore, in Autmix Process we develop infrastructure in order to optimize electrical and electronic processes.

See some of the products and solutions we offer in this section:


MCC and electrical control panels

On the other hand, we collaborate with integrators of the best brands in the market to support the different communications required in each one of the equipments, having as a result: an integral engineering.

Contact us to provide you with the best solution in industrial control design. In Autmix Industrial Group your satisfaction is our motivation.

What is industrial electrical instrumentation?

The main uses of industrial electrical instrumentation revolve around the control, measurement, conversion, recording and analysis of electrical and electronic equipment and installations. With this, we optimize the performance of all facets of production.

This procedure involves the intervention of a wide range of technologies and training of human capital. On the one hand, it is a fundamental pillar for energy control; it is then necessary to identify interdependent variables for the use of complex systems and design circuit diagrams according to the needs of the industry.

On the other hand, it represents a continuous effort to prevent risks of all kinds within the plant. From the correct adaptation to prevent short circuits, or accidents derived from the use of the installation, to the co-responsibility of providing adequate and safe conditions for the working staff.

In summary, instrumentation represents a point of balance and control in electrical equipment and installations.

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MCC and electrical control panels

Also known as control panels, MCCs and electrical control panels are systems that regulate the supply of electricity. Through their use, it is possible to modulate the current that passes through this conduit and, by means of a circuit breaker, the recovered energy is distributed throughout the plant.

These systems are made up of various elements depending on the use and magnitude of the processes. However, some remain unchanged such as circuit breakers -main, residual current, molded case-, switches and identification labels to recognize the area to be used in the control panel.

The assembly of the control panels is carried out according to a series of steps, which allows us to adapt the installation to the needs of your processes. It is worth mentioning that in each of our actions we apply the corresponding standards to keep your investment and facilities safe.

Benefits of using control panels

By using a control panel, greater precision is obtained in the supply of the different areas of the plant. Similarly, we can highlight the safety issues as these systems allow the isolation of specific areas without the need to disable the incoming current.

In addition to the above, they represent an important auxiliary safety point in the instrumentation that modulates the electrical redirection to several subcircuits. If you require an integral solution in control panels, contact us. In Autmix Process we will gladly assist you.

Industrial electrical services

Our commitment to the quality, maintenance and operation of power systems in your industry is our forte. At Autmix Process we identify the needs and responsibilities of your industry's power supplies, we know they must always be in constant motion.

Therefore, we offer several options for the most specific electrical installation and control related services.

  1. Short circuit calculations
  2. Motor control center
  3. Energy monitoring and control
  4. Protection coordination studies
  5. Arc Flash Studios
  1. Single-line diagrams
  2. Calculation memories
  3. Equipment specification
  4. Lightning arrester system design
  5. Grounding systems
  1. Development of control architectures
  2. Diagrams for control and automation equipment

We also have a comprehensive approach by offering, in a complementary manner, the following services: we carry out measurements in accordance with the recommendations for improvement issued by other areas. In addition, we define and check the dimensions and elements in the projects; we carry out verifications based on compliance with standards, laws, and regulations in force and, finally, we gather the documentation required for its execution.

Contact our team of specialists, who will give you the solution for the type of process in industrial electrical service. At Autmix Process your passion is our motivation.

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