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Impellers for industrial mixers

The impellers or mobiles are the most important elements in the industrial mixers to carry out the processes of agitation and mixing; they transmit the energy of the motor to a fluid.

Therefore, we have a wide variety for your processes:


The ideal combination of efficiency and low consumption for your processes.


Efficiency, precision and axial flow united, the most versatile impeller of the brand.


For processes with high pumping requirements: powerful and adaptable to various industries.


A classic par excellence; high shear, turbulence and radial flow.


Radial flow and high dispersion for emulsions and disintegration of fibres and particles.


Dispersion in all kinds of fluids with high efficiency.

Axial turbine

Versatile, with a simple and practical design.

Radial turbine

Versatility and a lot of turbulence in mixes for any volume.


Classic design for low volume applications.

Double flow

Intensifies and accelerates the natural flow movement, ideal for products with high viscosity.

Helical Anchor

The perfect axial flow mixing solution for products with a high degree of viscosity.

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