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Rotor Stator mixer



The Rotor Stator category combines a high level of radial flow shear with a high-power output. This equipment is ideal for homogenization, emulsion, and treatment of fluids for different viscosity levels.

Rotor Stator RE(S) has three different stator-options: Standard, Slotted and Emulsifying holes

Stator types

Due to the hole's circular geometry, this type of stator allows controlled and functional operations. It is an ideal option for multiple processes. Along its length, there are 4 to 6 circular holes that measure 1/3 of the height of the stator; these allow a dosed pumping compared to 'slotted' and 'emulsifier' devices.

The structure of the slotted stator has 36 grids distributed vertically across the width. Due to its design, it is a complete option for working with solid elements in the mix. Its principal function focuses on dispersing and disintegrating fibrous-type products such as tissues (vegetable or animal), rubber, and elastic polymers.

This component has holes distributed along the stator. It is a great accessory, adapted to carry out emulsion tasks where a result that is as homogeneous as possible is needed due to its high shear stress.


Power: 2.2 - 55 KW.

Output speed: (50Hz) (750, 1 000, 1 500 rpm), (60Hz) and (900, 1 200, 1 800 rpm).

Shaft length: 2,000 mm.

Propeller diameter: Up to 400 mm.

Tank: For tanks from 0.1 m3 a 7 m3.


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