We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
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3-A certification for sanitary design in industrial agitators

Autmix is ​​recognized with 3-A certification for its hygienic design in agitators.
June 19, 2024
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Industrial agitation is an essential operation immersed in a vast diversity of products. Therefore, the materials, design, and manufacturing must comply with specific standards for the process task that will be performed.

In dairy, alimentary, pharmaceutical or any other sector related to agitation in high sterile environments, require fostering product preservation while maintaining its qualities intact and preserving clean conditions.

At Autmix, we obtained the 3-A sanitary standard for hygienic design and manufacturing of our industrial agitators. Here, we share a bit more information about this engineering achievement that benefits not only our group, but every process in our hands.

What is 3-A certification and what is its ground for?

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc., has the mission of promoting food safety in final products. This certification acts as a membership that endorses brands as safe suppliers within the high-sanitation industry.

This certified was initially promoted for the dairy industry in 1920, covering equipment manufacturers, food processors, and regulatory entities. Nowadays, it is a U.S-based non-profit organization that sets the standards for machinery and best practices.

The 3-A SSI validates hygienic design and manufacture, which is known to prevent contamination. It warrants machinery that meets the requirements for impeccability and microbiological risk free.

Autmix’ industrial agitators certified by 3-A

Achieving this recognition results from constant work towards excellence in our product manufacturing. We use high-quality materials, provide staff training, and ensure design that prioritizes hygiene in every mix.

To be recognized as sanitary grade, equipment must reach the following requirements:

  • Health protection
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Product preservation
  • Quick maintenance
  • Clean processes

It is essential not to use screws that come directly in contact with the product to prevent bacterial accumulation. The quality is preserved from the beginning by using certified material with validate purify, preventing cross-material contamination.

Our equipment avoids dirt accumulation, contact with toxic material, harmful particles, and formation of other negative agents.

Three series are now with the 3-A certification get to know the in Autmix Flow.

The development, design, and production of industrial agitators, such as RT, NC and ZB, contemplate features like:

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Chemical-resistant materials
  • Uniform joints
  • Ease of inspection
  • Prominent separation between floor and equipment
  • No corners or angles hard to reach

This has other benefits such as reduced cleaning time and maintenance personnel. Downtime is also minimized, maximizing efficiency not only in mixing, but in the entire process extending lifespan. Some people ask frequently about what is 3-A sanitary surface? Well, a sanitary surface generally stands for electropolishing or mechanical ID polish. Characteristics that are also in our industrial agitators.

The use of the 3-A symbol on equipment for dairy, food, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical production provides greater confidence since the acceptance and compliance of corresponding guidelines, contributing to high-level productions.

You can check which companies are part of this recognition on the official 3-A website. Remember, in Autmix, we will continue to work for the improvement and transformation of the production sectors. Count on us for all your projects.

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