We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Autmix will participate in the Lisbon Food Affair

Get to know all the information about our participation in Lisbon Food Affair.
January 31, 2023
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From February 12 to 14, 2023, Autmix Industrial Group will participate as an exhibitor in one of the most important international events in sustainable and innovative processes for the sustainable food industry. During this year, our growth, and internationalization plan includes various meetings with various sectors; one of these significant events is the Lisbon Food Affair, which will take place in Portugal.

Continue reading to learn more about this fair and Autmix’s participation.

The Lisbon Food Affair is an important event for the food and beverage sector.

Lisbon Food Affair, the reunion between food and beverage manufacturers

This event aims to promote innovative industrial processes based on sustainable developments for the food and beverage industry. Likewise, attendees will have the opportunity to show their research to the manufacturers.

Internationalization is the key to ensuring that equipment manufacturers and food or beverage producers can establish business relationships and obtain different benefits, such as bringing more and better industrial solutions to any part of the world.

The fair counts with different activities planned for the attendants:

  • Reunions to make alliances, create networking, contact providers, and improve social media presence.
  • Contact between enterprises and buyers from worldwide companies of the food industry.
  • International programs for small ventures or enterprises that are looking to grow in other countries.
  • Exhibitions, seminars, workshops, marketing, cooking shows and B2B marketing.
  • Work meeting for better export processes.
  • Space for development, innovation, research, and entrepreneurs.

Lisbon Food Affair’s organization was divided into three thematic blocks, which are:

  • Food and beverages: a meeting point for different local agricultural producers, industries, and exhibition areas such as Multi Foods, Food Labs, Health, and Wellness; among others.
  • Horeca Hall: a space for the offer of industries such as catering and hospitality.
  • The LFT Technology: a space dedicated to technology and innovation in industry equipment, as well as in the field of distribution, packaging and safety equipment.
Discover the Autmix's innovations in industrial processes.

Autmix in Lisbon, Portugal

We, at Autmix, are proud to attend this event, the ideal scenery for introducing to every company the solutions that we offer and the last advances in research and development.

Check Lisbon Food Affair information on the official website, such as the activity program and location. You can see more details and more content about Autmix’s participation in our social media channels.

We will see you there.

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