We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

Autmix will be in ENOMAQ 2023

Autmix will be in the ENOMAQ, an important meeting for food and beverage industry.
February 2, 2023
3 min

2023 is an important year for Autmix’s plans because we will attend different worldwide events, and one of these is ENOMAQ, a reunion that will take place in Feria de Zaragoza. We will provide you with more information about this event.

Know the details about Autmix's participation in ENOMAQ.

Know the key points of ENOMAQ

ENOMAQ “International Exhibition of Machinery, Techniques, and Equipment” is the fair that combines different companies from the agri-food sector in Zaragoza, Spain. This event is held from February 14th to 17th. Renowned wine, food, and oil production companies have been meeting here since 2000 to celebrate awards, spread awareness and network.

This event is such a success because of the Zaragoza strategic location. This area is relevant for producers and manufacturers from Spain and Europe to do business. Due to this, industrial equipment and processing companies are awaiting the announcement to contact suppliers and new brands.

At ENOMAQ, it is possible to find the most relevant machinery in the winemaking industry and new technologies, learn about the most exciting research in food sustainability, and more topics; proposals for the latest generation equipment and components. Other important activities in ENOMAQ are the awards for producers and brands.

Another prominent feature of this event is the cooperative work of the government entities and the private sector to increase productivity. But the benefits are not only at the industry level. The “International Exhibition of Machinery, Techniques, and Equipment: ENOMAQ” also promotes tourism in the city and is proven by the number of attendees and exhibitors cited. In addition, this is a fair that brings great recognition to the participants, so the accreditation processes and being part of it are done with great care.

Know the details about the participation of Autmix in ENOMAQ.

Details about the participation of Autmix in ENOMAQ

Autmix is among all the companies attending ENOMAQ, you will find us at STAND 19-22 of hall 4, A-B street. We are proud to participate in this great event that brings together various proposals and products from the sector since we need to continue growing.

Check the companies that will be there on the Feria de Zaragoza official website, where, also, you can find more information about how to get there; by car, plane, or train. The specific instructions for each means of transport and booking can be found in the tourism section.

We extend the invitation to follow us on Autmix’s social media channels, where you can find more information about our participation and activities.

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