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Boosting the standards in food and beverage production

Autmix and Sartorius: the commitment to quality is our priority

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From beer, dairy, bottled water, wine, and sodas to alternative protein sources, such as plant-based or laboratory-grown meats, Sartorius boosts your product development with a process filtration arsenal and purification solutions spanning microbiological analysis, purification, fermentation, and filtration.

Sartorius gives filtration solution process with great quality.

High-quality solutions for high-quality beverages

Extensive experience and quality in filtration process equipment and purification to obtain products with a high safety, cleanliness, and hygiene rank. Find options for sterile filtration, virus, tangential flow, air or gas, Herversting, or membrane chromatography.

International technology and lab equipment provider

Sharpness and quality

Accurate and reliable results

Innovative solutions

Focus on research and development

Global reach and experience

Worldwide company with a broad perspective in a variety of industries


Wine / Sparkling wine


Sartorius has innovation in technology for dairy processing.





Gas / Steam

Sartorius product lines

Discover advanced technology in filtration for your processes:

Sartorius’ filters

Body, taste, and scent without affectation. Get to know the range of filtration products that bring an optimal solution at every step.

Filters type

Ensure a superior quality product, considering its characteristics: We introduce the filters that assist your operations.

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