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Rotor-stator industrial mixer

RE(S) Series

High-shear radial flow

The RE(S) Rotor-stator series treats fluids with different viscosities. Due to its design, it provides radial flow shear high power. This rotatory agitator is an aid in homogenization and emulsion procedures thanks to a large feature configuration.

It can integrate three types of stators: standard, slotted, and emulsifier.

Technical specifications:

Power: 2.2 - 55 KW.

Output speed: (50Hz) (750, 1 000, 1 500 rpm), (60Hz) and (900, 1 200, 1 800 rpm).

Shaft length: 2 000 mm.

Propeller diameter: Up to 400 mm.

Tank: 0.1 m3 a 7 m3.

Industries that use Rotor-stator RE(S)

Flow line and shear with Rotor-stator

Rotor-stator mixer RE(S) main features:

High level of shear.

Ideal for different viscosities.

Small volume capacity.

Perfect for homogenization and emulsion.

Stator types:


It generates controlled pumping, as well as functional operations, and with a mobile that can have from 4 to 6 circular holes and a diameter equivalent to a third of the height of the agitator.

It has 36 grids distributed vertically across the width of the stator. This quality allows the dispersion and disintegration of fibrous materials, such as animal or vegetable tissues, rubber, or elastic polymers.

The high shearing allows emulsions to be made in tasks that seek a homogeneous result.

Additional compatible impellers:


Mounting options:


Finishes and coating:





Butyl rubber

Natural rubber




Sanitary polishing

Manufacturing materials:

AISI 304

AISI 316

Carbon steel

Super duplex


Optional features:

ATEX protection

Stainless steel housing

Food grade oil

Food grade epoxy paint

Sealing options:


Cartridge seals

Cable gland

Double mechanical seals

Simple mechanical seals

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