We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

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Data Analytics

Identify opportunities and develop the best strategy for your company.

Data Analytics

The processing of information by means of information technology has become necessary to support the decision-making of any kind.

For this reason, through our data analysis service, we offer support at all stages of the process to provide critical insights capable of showing strategic information about your business or project, even in real-time.

Using logical, statistical, and artificial intelligence methods, we conduct studies and implementations with a team of experts to advise you on your objectives, such as anomaly detection and estimates based on predictions.

Start making use of your data through the following solutions:

Risk Analysis

Identifying and analyzing potential problems that could affect your company's performance is fundamental to developing the right mitigation strategy.

With traditional methods, detection depends entirely on experience and personal judgment. However, using technological tools we are able to speed up the process and identify risks that are not visible even through the human eye. In our risk analysis studies, we consider the possibility of adverse events occurring, relying on data processing. In this way, we can detect each activity's effect on the risks encountered.

The consultancy provided by our team will allow you to have better control to avoid lags in your project or business. Also, the implementation of autonomous systems allows the execution of alerts in case the analytics detect unusual data patterns.

Through the following steps, we ensure the effectiveness of the risk analysis process:

Data processing

We extract and clean the data and then define the architecture that best suits the needs of our customers.


Models capable of recognizing risks within the data set are deployed.


The probability of occurrence of the identified risks is evaluated, as well as the impact associated with each one.


Whether it is a study, or an implementation, reports, dashboards, or alerts are developed to execute corrective actions.


We provide continuity to the risk identification, treatment, and management process by means of follow-up systems or recommendations to be carry out.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence will allow you to have a better perspective of your company by transforming large volumes of data into valuable information.

You will be able to make intelligent decisions by identifying forecasts, trends, correlations, and quantifying progress against objectives with visualization and information management tools, such as dashboards to make analytics results available for operational use.

We also ensure that each implementation or migration to a business intelligence solution is robust and scalable. The developed architectures will be able to adapt to the growth of your database.

With our business intelligence systems, you will obtain the following benefits:

Cost Savings

You will identify how to make your processes more efficient through a global view of your company's operations.

Competitive advantages

You will be able to detect market trends directly related to your products or services.

Market information

Each decision can be supported by information that will let you know their impact.

At Autmix Data we guide you in transforming your data into what your business needs. Get started today by scheduling an exploratory meeting with one of our data analytics experts.

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