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We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

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Machine Learning

Anticipate changes by predicting accurate results.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence with the capacity of self-learning through the experience taken from a database. This feature allows the development of precise algorithms suitable for adjusting to the requirements of your company such as: automating monotonous activities, developing logistics and inventory management plans, and knowing the behavior of the market, among others.

Autmix Data professionals will oversee the development of your complete Machine Learning project. This includes all the stages that are present in the deployment process:

Get data
Clean data
Prepare data
Model evaluation

Supervised learning

Algorithms are developed using a reference data set with known results to adjust new information based on previous experience. For example, by providing a list of features of parts that do and do not meet certain quality standards, the algorithm can learn to classify new parts.

Through historical data on the actions of some processes, a supervised learning algorithm could predict the behavior according to the current parameters.

At Autmix Data we apply the right approach to your supervised learning system:

Predictive systems

Prediction systems are one of the fields in which Machine Learning with supervised learning is mostly applied in the business world since it allows knowing possible behaviors with certain clarity.

Some of its uses are:

• Predictive maintenance
• Market price evolution estimates
• Production forecasts
• Raw material demand forecasting

Classification systems

With the help of a categorized database, these algorithms learn to classify information according to the input features by matching each with the class given by the best-fitting training set.

Although classifications are not limited to two groups, they are generally used to decide whether some input data meets some specification.

In the case of the financial sector, an extensive behavioral record of a group of people can be used to decide whether a user is eligible for bank loan approval.

Unsupervised learning

These algorithms are trained with data sets in which their outputs are not known. The results are derived according to their common structures and characteristics. Therefore, the main task of these systems is to find patterns or clusters automatically.

For example, with the use of these systems, it is possible to group a certain number of buyers according to their common characteristics without much human intervention.

In Autmix Data we carry out the implementation of unsupervised learning algorithms to strengthen your process or system through our modular architecture designs.

Computer vision bases systems

Computer vision-based systems are a field of computer science that allows obtaining information through images and videos to perform actions mediated with an algorithm, usually neural networks.

In addition to being the backbone of autonomous driving systems, they are also used for high-speed inspections of products or behaviors in an environment to detect defects and patterns or predict events involving the need for visual inspection.

By using this technology, you will find a great benefit in your production processes, as it is especially useful for detecting anomalies in assembly lines or for checking that personnel is complying with the appropriate safety equipment.

At Autmix Data we think about the scalability of your implementations. Contact us to help you find the Machine Learning solution that fits your needs.

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