We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company
We're Autmix, an industrial and processes engineering company

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Mathematical Optimization

Optimize resources and make better decisions with advanced math.

Mathematical Optimization Solutions

Mathematical optimization is a tool capable of finding ideal solutions in circumstances where there may be infinite possibilities.

By representing your industry processes in mathematical models and using optimization algorithms, Autmix Data has what you need to make better decisions in your company. We support you by applying optimization in three key areas:

Supply chain design

Our operations research expertise focused on logistics processes provides the guidelines for your company to improve your current supply chain.

Based on the visibility and analysis of your industry activities, we will validate potential changes and test different scenarios to find a balance between cost, service, and risk.

It is important to note that the efficiency of a company's supply chain has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, as its improved performance speaks of an excellent market knowledge capability.

Price optimization

In our price optimization consultancy, we carry out a mathematical study with the objective of maximizing your company's income. You will receive technical advice with a high-quality service.

In the end, you will get key information that will help you define the best pricing strategy to optimize profit. It is also possible to use dynamic pricing algorithms to automatically update prices according to the variables present.

Most importantly, with our price optimization solution, you will get the precision you need to achieve maximum profit for your business. Contact us to get started with your customized study.

Production planning

We will provide you with an experienced team that will take care of your company's production planning by means of precise mathematical tools to optimize each of the present stages.

One of the most important factors in production planning is to develop effective approaches to coordinate or integrate a wide range of activities.

For this reason, we actively seek model-based decision support systems that describe production environments to help unravel complex interactions between these data.

By planning your company's production, you will obtain three great advantages:

More control

Through mathematical models you will know the effects caused by each stage of manufacturing or service, which will result in greater control of the final product.

Improved delivery times

By scheduling your processes through data-driven support, you will be able to offer your customers a more accurate date for the availability of your products.

Inventory cost reduction

You will reduce your inventory holding costs by optimizing production processes and knowing exactly the number of raw materials to be available for production.

In our customized mathematical optimization consulting we apply algorithms with which we can find the best solution to specific problems in your industry. With our service, you will not only get faster and more accurate solutions but also a great competitive advantage in the market that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits of the mathematical optimization solutions that Autmix Data offers to your company:

Increased efficiency

Mathematical optimization seeks the most efficient feasible solution. In this way the activities, human capital and machinery will be used in the best possible way.

Financial savings

We generate great financial savings by reducing expenses in your operations.

Solution to any problem

Using accurate models, we will solve complex business problems regardless of the amount of data to be evaluated.


You will make better decisions, faster and in accordance with the behavior described by the mathematical models of your process.

All the benefits mentioned above will be reflected in the value-added of your products or services from the first day of their application. Contact us to start optimizing your processes.

Autmix Data provides high commercial value opportunities for your industry.

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