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Distribution of industrial equipment

In Autmix Process our motivation and continuous improvement are accompanied by large manufacturers of components in the industrial sector. From the beginning we have collaborated with international companies, leaders in offering top quality solutions that adapt to the demanding and competitive market in Mexico, United States, Spain and France.

Some of the partners that have accompanied us in this technological and quality process in the acquisition and distribution of equipment and components for various services and products in Autmix Industrial Group are:

With each of them we have a relationship of trust and closeness for the high quality standards that they carry out for the manufacture of their products, as they have an extensive range of components which fit your requirements.

Equip your plant with the best brands

GEA® valves and pumps

GEA® is the industry leader in valves, hygienic and aseptic pumps globally, synonymous with products of the highest quality.

PRIMIX® static mixers

PRIMIX® is an important global benchmark in the manufacture of high performance static mixers and heat exchangers. Get to know their products.

AKO® pinch valves

AKO® represents a company with a long tradition and is an international leader in components to maintain the cold chain. Get to know their products.

CRI-MAN® submersible mixers

CRI-MAN® submersible mixers are distinguished by their design and innovation. Learn about the products we offer for your industry.

Reduce your operating costs

we help industries with the development and optimization of their production processes.

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