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GEA valves and pumps

GEA® is a leader in the global valve, hygienic and aseptic pump industry. It is also one of the leading developers and manufacturers of equipment for all kinds of machinery in the industrial sector: from food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals, environment, chemical, personal and home care, oil, gas, power, refrigeration and heating.

Get to know the GEA® products that we offer in Autmix Process to carry out integral procedures.

Hygienic Valves (Tuchenhagen)

In addition to being quality accessories, GEA® hygienic valves have the characteristic of reducing product loss and energy consumption. It should be noted that the design of the valves, as well as their components, as a whole, avoid losses of the product to be processed, which are sometimes derived from the manufacturing process.

Furthermore to low energy consumption, the design of GEA Tuchenhagen® valves helps to reduce the consumption of water and other fluids, e.g. chemicals. In addition, the maintenance for their efficient use is minimal and a quick return on investment is achieved.

Aseptic valves

GEA aseptic valves - both shut-off and changeover valves - are used for the control of fluids in processes where aseptic processing is required. For this purpose, welded stainless steel components are used to hermetically seal the valve shaft and prevent contact with the outside world and possible contamination. Furthermore, all contact surfaces of GEA® aseptic valves are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, which meets all hygienic standards in the industry.

Hygienic pumps

GEA® hygienic pumps meet the highest hygiene standards, such as FDA certification. The GEA® research center develops innovative pumps based on the needs of the customers, who are directly involved in the design procedure during the R&D process in order to adapt the components to the specific case.

It is worth mentioning that the distinguishing feature of GEA® hygienic pumps is that they have a superior quality to perform different processes.

Among the main industries where we can use them, the following stand out:

  1. Dairy Processing
  2. Food and beverage industry
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. Chemical Industry

Do you need GEA® hygienic valves, aseptic valves or hygienic pumps for your industrial processes? Contact us, at Autmix Process we are here to help you.

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